• B1-Vpn is an app which  enables you to connect anonymously to any public/shared network. You will be able to send and receive data through an encrypted point to point connection enjoying full security, privacy and functionality (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Skype, VoIP and any other Website) by connecting to our VPN network.
  • B1-Vpn protects your internet traffic from hacking and industrial espionage, hides your real ip address and keeps your privacy using internet browser, email, voip and chat.
  • B1-Vpn connects to our world wide network of Vpn servers located in 28 countries wherever you are located.
    Furthermore it’s able to select automatically the fastest server from your current location.
  • B1-Vpn does use super strong encryption with RSA 4096 bitAES 256 algorithm and OpenVpn protocol to protect your data at the maximum level.
  • B1-Vpn has an integrated active defence system against >2.000 kind of cyber attacks.
  • B1-Vpn  installs any available security update to keep you always safe (confirmation required).
  • B1-Vpn doesn’t produce connection logs in any place to secure your privacy.